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We supply the following Machinery, Spares and Accessories for dyeing & finishing operations:

Area Products
Dyeing Soft Flow,HTHP, Jet Dying machines & spares for yarn package dyeing, woven and knitted fabrics
Printing Flat Bed & Rotary Screens printing m/cs

Nickel Rotary Printing Sceens

Colour pumps

Printing machine blankets

Flat Bed & Rotary Screens emulsions

Flat Bed & Rotary Prtg. M/c spares

Heat Resistant conveyor belts

Stenter machines – all spares

Squeeze & Guide Rollers

Curved Expander Rollers

Cloth Guiding & control systems

Continues Washing Ranges

Woven Fabric Finishing machines

Laboratory machines

Dyes and Chemicals