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We supply following products to the Petroleum Refineries and Storage Tank Farms:

Machinery Spares & Accessories :

Stainless Steel Centrifugal Pumps, End Suction, Submersible, Borehole Pumps, Screw/Gear Pumps for High Viscosity Fluids

Mechanical Seals,

Stuffing Box Packings, Static Seals & Expansion Joints

Ball Valves, Butterfly Valves & Valve Automation Systems

Traps-all Types, PRVs-Steam & Air, Safety Relief Valves-Steam, Air, Water & oil, "Y" Strainers, Separators, Air Vents, Sight Glass,Temp.Regulators.

Piston Valves, Flow Meters-Any Service, Level Control Switches, Gate, Globe & Check Valves(Steel Spring)

Polyester & Nylon Filter Fabrics/Mesh

Metering Pumps

All types of Pump Bearings

All Types of Conveyor, Transmission & Timing Belts.

All types of Pipes, Pipe Fittings and Insulation Material

Fire Fighting Pumps and Complete Systems manufactured in accordance with NFPA-20 & UL/UCL Listing.

Electroforged Gratings and Handrails