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We supply the following Machinery, Spares and Accessories for weaving operations:

Area Products
Sectional Warping  Machine & spares

Warping Beams
Leasing Leasing Reeds
Weaving Looms Hand Knotters & splicers

Shuttles, Weft Pirns, Picking Sticks

Spares/Accessories for Shuttle Looms

Spares/Accessories for Rapier Looms

Spares/Accessories for Project. Looms

Dobby Cards, Jacquard cards

Cam Motions

Reeds, Heald Frames, & Drop Wires

Temples & Temple Rings

Timing/ Synchroflex Belts

Weaving  Beams & Screws

All types of Gears, Gear Boxes
Circular Knitting Circular Knitting machines – all spares