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We supply the following Machinery, Spares and Accessories for spinning operations:

Area Products
Blow Room All Spares

Fire, Metal & Contamination Detection Systems
Blending Hoppers  All spares
Carding Card Clothing

Carding Belts & all other spares

Card Wire Mounting Machines

Carding  Cans
Draw Frames All spares

Air Pressure Hose pipes with Nozles

Silver Cans, Trolleys & Castors
Silver/Ribbon Lap All Spares
Combers Half Laps & Top Combs with Brushes

Air Pressure Hose Pipes with Nozles

All other spares
Speed Frames Aluminium Flyers & Accessories

Air Pressure Hose Pipes with Nozles
OE Machines Opening Rollers and Rotors

Rotor Drive Belts
Ring Frames Nylon & Non Std. Steel Travellers

Std. Steel Travellers

Simple Bobbins, Ring Frames Tubes, Doubling

Frame Tubes, Cheese/Cones

Synthetic Sandwich Spindle Tapes

Rubber Cots & Aprons

Ring Frame Rings

Spindles, Bearings & Drafting Systems

Paper Cones, Tubes

Cot Grinding & Mounting Machines

Fluted Roller Truing Machines

Air Conditioning, Refrigeration and Humidification

Fiber & Yarn Testing  Equipment

Air Prussure Hose Pipes with Nozles

Tangential Belts,Timing Belts, Flat Belts & Conveyor Belts
Double, Twisting & Winding m/cs. All spares